Kennel and Yards

Take a look at our great facility. We are so proud of our kennel and exercise yards. DeWayne designed the kennel and he and two of our sons, Jayce and Thad built it. We have six large covered runs each with its own gate and indoor dog house. The floor is made of treated decking that is so easy to keep clean. The kennel itself is surrounded by a six foot high fence which forms a large exercise yard that wraps around the back side of the barn around to the north. The dogs love being able to run around to see anyone coming in the gate. The kennel area on the south side of the barn gives them great protection from cold north winds in winter and exposure to the warm southern sun. There are huge trees that shade the back of the exercise yards during the hottest part of the day so the dogs stay nice and cool. The kennel gates remain open at all times so the dogs can get inside during inclement weather, not that they do very often. Australian Shepherds have double coats and  seldom feel cold. Our dogs enjoy being able to run and play as well as laze in the shade or sun. In the warm weather we provide swimming pools as Aussies love to play in the water and it is essential for them to be able to cool off. The indoor boxes serve two purposes, dog houses and whelping boxes. Each box is accessible from the inside of the kennel building. When the run gate is closed the mama and babies are safe from the other dogs but are easily cared for from inside. The boxes provide the mother dogs with a warm, safe and secure nest in which to whelp and nurse their pups. Because we have provided our Aussies with a roomy clean place to live they are all happy and healthy.     


Covered Runs

Indoor Whelping Boxes

Southwest Yard

North Exercise Yard

Wyatt and Dixie inside the kennel

Wyatt and Baby Treasure inside the kennel